Verbatim CD-RW 12x CD-RW 700MB 10pc(s)

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Verbatim CD-RW 12x, CD-RW, Spindle

Our Part Number: 476006
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Verbatim CD-RW 12x CD-RW 700MB 10pc(s)

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CD-RW is a rewritable disc providing 700MB capacity. Compliant with Orange Book Part III Volume 2 specifications. CD-RW with 12x and 24x speeds will not work in slower drives.
CD-Rewritable means that you can use the disc more than once and that the contents of the disc can be erased and rewritten. Verbatim CD-RW discs can be rewritten a minimum 1,000 times.

A revolutionary phase change optical recording material, SERL (Super Eutectic Recording Layer) is behind the success of Verbatim's CD-RW disc. This high technology material ensures smooth switching between record / erase phases along with high thermal stability in the recording layer. The stability in the recording layer translates into high reliability, low signal noise and long-term archive stability.
High Performance Recording Layer.
Extra Protection Durability Layer.
Minimum of 1000 times overwrite.

This is a disc with a matt silver surface. It can be written on with a CD/DVD marker pen.

Standard Manufacturer Warranty.
Packaging data
Package Type:Spindle
CD Storage Capacity:700 MB
Quantity Per Pack:10 pc(s)
CD Write Speed:12x
Overwrite Cycles:1000
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Brand/Category : Verbatim Blank CDs
Release Date: 2006-06-23
Manufacturer Part Number: 43480
Our Part Number: 476006