Sony 25CDQ80SP Blank CD

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Sony 25CDQ80SP, Polycarbonate, 5 - 95%, 5 - 55 C, 5 - 95%, 5 - 55 C, 41 - 131 F

Our Part Number: 475983
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Sony 25CDQ80SP Blank CD

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CD-R is rapidly gaining favour for image, audio and file storage. Sony CD-R s conform to the Orange Book Part 11 World standard. Long archival life and high reliability result from the use of a silver reflective layer with a new recording layer that is both highly sensitive and light-resistant. The discs have superb mechanical precision to handle the demands of high-speed drives. Discs can be written on the upper side with a felt tip marker.

Standard Manufacturer Warranty.
Operational conditions
Storage Relative Humidity H-H:5 - 95%
Storage Temperature T-T:5 - 55 C
Operating Relative Humidity H-H:5 - 95%
Operating Temperature T-T:5 - 55 C
Operating Temperature T-T:41 - 131 F
CD Storage Capacity:700 MB
Optical Disc Diameter:120 mm
Reflection Rate:65
Recording Time:80 min
Disk Thickness:1.2 mm
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Brand/Category : Sony Blank CDs
Release Date: 2006-06-23
Manufacturer Part Number: 25CDQ80SP
Our Part Number: 475983